What is a Drug Rehab Program ?

Rehab is short for rehabilitation. The purpose of drug rehab programs and alcohol rehab programs is to help the individual deal with their lives without drugs or alcohol. It is important to understand that drug or alcohol detox programs must be done before you can start any type of drug or alcohol rehab program.

Drug or alcohol rehab programs are either inpatient or outpatient.

The best inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs:

  • Are between 30 days and 120 days in length but some require weekly attendance at meetings for the rest of the individual’s life
  • Ask the individual to take personal responsibility for their drug or alcohol use
  • Assist the individual to find how they were using drugs or alcohol to avoid responsibility
  • Help the individual to work out a program to address the problems their drug and alcohol use created for others
  • Help the individual work out a program to remedy the problems that they created for others while using drugs or alcohol
  • Teach social skills
  • Teach self-control
  • Help the individual work out a program to achieve the goals and purposes that have been stopped because of their use of drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab Programs

The Best Medical Detoxification ProgramsThe Best Rehab Programs
Are between seven to fourteen daysAre between 90 and 120 days
Develop a personalized drug detox or alcohol detox program for youAddress your unique needs
Allow you to safely and more comfortably stop taking a drug or drinking alcoholHelp you address reasons why you were addicted to drugs or alcohol
May be all that is needed if you are only physically dependentHelp you find other ways of dealing with life than by using drugs or alcohol
Are inpatientAre inpatient
You leave drug or alcohol freeYou leave drug or alcohol free with no cravings
Offers education that  can help you live a more healthy life after you return homeCan incorporate a sauna program to allow drug or alcohol residues trapped in fatty tissues to be eliminated from the body

What is Medical Drug ?

Simply Discontinuing Alcohol or Drugs:

  • Is strongly warned against on drug labels and by medical professionals
  • Often creates painful withdrawal symptoms
  • Normally is unsuccessful and results in the person having to resume taking the drug or drinking alcohol
  • Can be dangerous and even cause a seizure or death.

You Need An Inpatient Medical Drug Detox or Alcohol Detox If:

  • You have become dependent on a drug (have withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop taking the drug)
  • You have become addicted to a drug or to alcohol (must have the drug or drink alcohol because of the way the drug or alcohol makes you feel)
  • A drug is not handling the problem for which it was originally prescribed but you have painful withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop taking the drug
  • A unneeded drug is causing unwanted and unsafe side effects.


  • A medical detox program designed specifically for you that will enable your drug detox and/or alcohol detox to be more comfortable and safe
  • Specially formulated IV’s to ensure you are hydrated and that replenish the nutrients, vitamins and amino acids that were depleted by the drug or alcohol
  • Medical supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Medications as needed to handle drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Natural supplements to handle drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Home-like setting on 3.25 treed acres to make your drug detox or alcohol detox more relaxed and comfortable
  • Delicious food
  • A private or comfortable shared room with a television, telephone and internet access so that you only experience your drug detox or alcohol detox-not yours and the person in the bed next to you
  • Education on how the drug or alcohol was affecting your body and how the drug detox or alcohol detox is going to allow you to more comfortably and safely complete your withdrawal.